Using FME in the Quest for Improvement in Mine Safety

Using FME from the region to the microscopic scale for research into mine gas safety - what we learned over a 5-year journey culminating in a new and practical methodology for characterizing gas emissions. 1. Region scale – creating and applying surface and sub-surface digital elevation models from exploration data 2. Mine scale – extracting and aligning crappy input data from laboratory, drilling and production spreadsheets and AutoCAD to get quality geometry with attributes and 3D visualizations in Mapbox and Power BI. Allows democratization of information to operational staff without burdening the survey and admin teams. 3. Microscopic scale – using the new DICOM reader to visualize coal structure, and why that's important for assessing risk. Showcasing Dmitri's work already on the hub.
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Patrick Booth

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MeCee Solutions

FME User Conference 2022
FME World Tour 2020

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