How to Use the Possibilities of FME in Telecommunication Companies? Use Cases from the European Market

As a company with experience in providing solutions for telecommunications companies, we have carried out many projects based on FME and other systems. This significantly improved the quality of services provided by our clients and making their decisions. Telecommunications companies often use FME to migrate data, integrate databases with GIS systems, and validate the data. During the session How to use the possibilities of FME in telecommunication companies? Use Cases from the European market, our experts will talk about: - Making better-informed business decisions by merging three databases into one GIS Globema, Nicolae Sorae - Generation of mobile network range based on the location of the cell towers Globema, Paweł Wrblewski
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Paweł Wróblewski

Co Presenter:
Nicolae Soare, Karolina Borkowska

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FME World Fair 2021