Unravelling the Municipality of Haaren with FME

The municipality of Haaren had to be reorganized as of January 1st 2021. The four villages Bierzenmortel, Esch, Haaren and Helvoirt would each become part of a neighbour municipality. The goal was to migrate the BAG data to the neighbour municipalities. The assignment also included linking the BAG data to other internal systems, processing of boundary correction and associated constraints. Toine (Project Manager Haaren) and Rabindra (FME Consultant) played an important role in the project, which turned out to be a huge challenge, where FME turned out to be the solution. Together they'll walk you through the challenges they encountered and the solutions they have found.
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Toine Cuijpers

Co Presenter:
Rabindra Bajracharya

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FME World Fair 2021

Government (Local)