Traffic Count Data

There are various methods in determining traffic quantity and characteristics around the city of Vancouver. These traffic data are collected from different methods including : - permanent count station : these satiations are collecting the pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles volume that are used to monitor temporal traffic pattern changes around the city. - Short term count data : is used to supplement permanent count data by providing specific metrics related to road user classification, turning counts, and speed data. We used FME for data integration to the variety of data sources including SQL server, files based in XLS and PDF format for the data engineering part. All QC rules, data calculation and data conversion were part of this workflow and all were developed by FME to the close to real time data visualization. The outcomes are published as a part of the open data platform. More information is available at :
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Ali Hojjat

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City of Vancouver

FME User Conference 2022

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