The UBA Open Data Download Portal for Air Quality Data

As Germany’s federal environmental protection agency, the UBA’s main task is to ensure that fellow citizens have a healthy environment with clean air and water, free of pollutants to the greatest extent possible. The “UBA Open Data Download Portal for Air Quality Data” is a web-based application to provide the public with nation-wide and daily-updated Air Quality Data like CO2 or NOX in an easy accessible and understandable manner. This presentation highlights the basic system architecture and components which among other comprises FME Server and an OGC©’s Sensor Observation Service based PostGIS database. Attendees will gain insights into an FME based data load and update Workspace importing XML Air Quality Data into the SOS database model using advanced database techniques. Further on the presentation will lay emphasize on an FME Workspace which delivers Air Quality Data to the public in various data formats and shapes controlled by a web-based application framework.
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Christian Dahmen

Presenter Company:
con terra GmbH

FME International User Conference 2017

Government (Federal)