How to Synchronize ArcGIS Portal Items with FME

I like to give a technical presentation about how to synchronize and release ArcGIS Portal Items between different instances of ArcGIS Portal like migrating certain items between a Staging and a Production environment. Those Items can be service types, maps, apps, or groups. In doing so I am using FME as a central spot of interaction between those environments. The aim is to maintain and synchronize several ArcGIS Enterprise instances that belong to one bigger deployment including TEST and PROD environments without a lot of manual maintenance. The developed workspaces make us of ArcGIS functionality based on the Python and REST API for ArcGIS. In this project, I am using FME Desktop and FME Server (Automations, FME Server Apps, Dynamic Engines).
Presentation Details

Jan Middel

Presenter Company:
con terra GmbH

FME User Conference 2022