Streamlining Knowledge Base Content Prioritization Using the FME Platform

It has always been a manual task to decide which articles should be updated next. Still, over the past year, I've been developing a PostgreSQL database that contains everything I need to know about our Knowledge Base. Using FME to pull reports from Salesforce and Google Analytics to build the PostgreSQL database, clean up the data, and send out emails should an article be missing data or is not filled out correctly. This workspace is also published to FME Server to run on a daily schedule to ensure that the database has the latest article metadata. An FME Server App uses a second workspace to create reports that anyone at Safe can use to help decide which articles should be updated next or where there are gaps in content. This project has freed up the time I used to manually generate these reports for others and allowed me to focus on improving Knowledge Base content.
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Liz Sanderson

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME User Conference 2022