Step Right Up and Win with FME Cloud

In 2015, Manitoba Forestry and Peatlands Branch began using Collector for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online (AGOL) to capture Dutch elm disease field data. Since then, the digital collection of field data has grown to include forest health surveys, forest renewal assessment surveys, community tree inventories, and metadata information associated with Forestrys drone flights. Additionally, Forestry has assisted Wildlife and Fisheries Branch with the digital collection of watercraft inspection surveys for aquatic invasive species. The use of FME Desktop has been used to manually backup all this collected AGOL data for years; however, in 2020 FME Cloud was trialed to streamline this workflow through automations. This presentation will outline how FME Cloud was used to efficiently automate AGOL data backups.
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Antonio Viveiros

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Manitoba Government

FME World Fair 2021

Government (State/Provincial)