Spatializing the City's Sanitary and Storm Pipe CCTV Inspections

The Engineering and Public Works CCTV program identifies critical sanitary and storm mains to be assessed and video inspected. This program has been in place for over a decade and has grown organically from within the department. An Access database is used to store the inspection information, and folders on the network are created to store mapping files and video files. There was no clear structure to organizing the data, and as a result, data from these inspections is not easily accessible. Using FME I was able to pull inspection information from the Access database nightly, spatialize it with the existing utility pipe information in our Enterprise GIS system, and create a list of inspection videos associated with each inspected pipe. This information, along with the videos are now available for viewing on our City's internal mapping platform. Rather than existing in a silo, this information is now readily viewable from all departments within the city, and can aid in determining future areas to be inspected.
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Shaunda Devenport

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City of Nanaimo

FME World Tour 2019

Government (Local)