Simplifying and Automating MCA Projects

The age-old, Multi-Criteria Analysis is something we regularly conduct for clients at Jacobs. Whether it is assessing the risk of sewer spills, optimal transmission line placement or where to conduct cultural heritage field work it is used in a variety of projects for a broad range of clients. For the majority of MCA projects, similar methodologies were being used, collating data, clipping, buffering and storing datasets. The issue we had though was these projects were being conducted ad-hoc with no consistent or traceable workflow for processing the data inputs. So we decided to bring in the FME machine to help us in our time of need. We built a solution that allowed us to clip, buffer, intersect and project our data how we wanted all by just editing the custom-built input spreadsheet. This not only allowed us to easily repeat the analysis when requirements or input data changed but also allowed other analysts who did not have FME experience to run the workflow by just editing the spreadsheet and pressing go. If you would like to find out example projects we have used this workflow with and the benefits we have achieved please come and see our presentation.
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Chris Lambert

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FME World Tour 2022