Reportnet 3: Online Integration of Environmental and Climate Data in Your Processes

Reportnet 3 is the new e-platform for reporting environmental and climate data to the European Environment Agency (EEA). The platform embraces the European Commission's "Green Deal" strategic objectives" and is an essential component of its digital strategy. The European Environment Agency (EEA) receives, compiles, and provides large amounts of European countries' geographical environment and climate data. The data is used to analyze the current situation, trends, the most significant environmental problems and what to do about them. The environmental goals in Agenda 2030 guide the work. Increased data volumes, new data sources, and higher demands on timeliness are why a new modern reporting platform is gradually being introduced. The speaker has been commissioned to develop a public and free package for FME. The package enables direct access to data in Reportnet 3 for access and reporting. Examples of how environmental and climate data can be automatically integrated with geodata in different types of data flows will be shown. At the same time, an introduction to Reportnet 3 is given.
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Ulf Mansson

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FME User Conference 2022