The Red Geographics Fairground - Day 2

Welcome to the Red Geographics fairground! Meet the team and see what we have to offer you today! Want to get the most out of FME? The Red Geographics team will share the best transformer tips and best practices recommendations! Or do you want to know how you can expedite the creation of new utilities networks? Find out how our partner The People Group reduced processing time from weeks to a single day. The Transformer Freak Show (Hans van der Maarel, Red Geographics) The Workspace Design and Best Practices Caroussel (Inge van Daelen, Red Geographics) Automating as-built acquisitionfor a grid operator in the Netherlands (Tom van de Putte, The People Group)
Presentation Details

Veerle Goossens

Co Presenter:
Hans van der Maarel, Inge van Daelen, Tom van der Putte

Presenter Company:
Red Geographics

FME World Fair 2021