The Red Geographics Fairground - Day 1

Welcome to the Red Geographics fairground! Meet the team and see what we have to offer you today! Do you want to know how you can make beautiful data driven maps fast and easy? We will show you what we have accomplished for De Lijn, the public transit company for Flanders with hundreds of lines in busy cities like Antwerp and Gent. Did you get all the data you need inside your application? Patrick from Net4s knows the importance and shows the benefits and explains how you save time and frustration. Meet the team (Veerle Goossens, Red Geographics) A Rollercoaster Ride, bus route maps for De Lijn(Hans van der Maarel, Red Geographics) Using FME to facilitate Continuous Improvement of your application (Patrick Koning, Net4S)
Presentation Details

Inge van Daelen

Co Presenter:
Hans van der Maarel, Patrick Koning

Presenter Company:
Red Geographics

FME World Fair 2021