Processing Building Plans Faster and More Thoroughly using FME Server

Many large organizations expend significant financial and human resources managing facilities. To help with this effort, organizations have implemented Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). These systems are data intensive and rely on accurate, timely, high quality data. The US Federal Government’s management model challenges this approach because facilities are owned by one large federal agency and managed and/or used by others. This means data is constantly flowing from one agency to another. For larger federal agencies, managing this data flow is a challenge in and of itself. To address the problem, Avineon is assisting a very large, nationwide federal agency to ingest, standardize, QC, and validate source AutoCAD plans using FME Server, saving federal workers countless hours while improving overall data quality. This presentation will showcase the development, implementation, and use of FME Server to help streamline this entire process.
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Brooks Kelley

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FME World Tour 2020

Government (Federal)