Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure: Spatial Data Strategy and FME

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) manages the highways, bridges, and a large subset of the roads for the province of British Columbia. This includes planning, procurement and execution of upgrades and maintenance of the transportation system. MOTI is undergoing a strategic realignment and modernization of its approach to how it manages its infrastructure and services through data and applications. The Spatial Data Strategy will be looking at data and applications from an organizational perspective. To achieve this goal FME is being used as the integrative glue to bring systems and data together across the organization. This talk will detail the strategic goal and step through some high level examples of where FME was used to integrate large and complex sets of data from different ministries, regions and business areas into a common enterprise database, and then use FME to drive out a product for an upstream application.
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David van Blankenstein

Presenter Company:
Forte Consulting Ltd

FME International User Conference 2017