Let's Make the Data Dance

Colonial Pipeline Company was challenged to maintain and support a completely custom .NET middleware application designed to move data from a dedicated field data collection system to APDM, a highly specialized enterprise GIS data model for pipeline operators. This middleware application provides business functions that help Colonial track and report on numerous work activities, asset condition and meet critical regulatory requirements. Colonial chose to use FME Workbench and FME Server to replace the .NET application with a more reliable, supportable and easily extended solution. The final solution is an elegant, modular set of scripts that leverage many of the powerful tools FME provides including: • Executing SQL within the Workbench throughout the process • Rules based calculations and transformations • Conflict detection • Execution and error notification • Scheduled execution via FME Server • In Workbench documentation using annotation
Presentation Details

Tripp Holderfield

Co Presenter:
Bradley Hood (Global Information Systems), Eric Klein (Global Information Systems)

Presenter Company:
Colonial Pipeline Company

FME International User Conference 2017