Large GIS Data Reprojection With FME Workbench - UTM Zone Fanout Solution

Our customer had an unfortunate alignment issue due to an error in initial project setup. Although the country of Mexico spans 6 UTM zones, the project was initially create entirely in UTM14. This caused a rather cylindrical and mis aligned coverage when viewed in it's entirety. At the time of conception (Jan 2015), The customer had over 3.2 million addresses documented in the system along with associated infrastructure and outside plant data. The goal of this project was to fan out and reproject their data to a GCS to remove the current geographical ambiguity of the stored Oracle Spatial data, as well as eliminate the imminent issue of overlapping data from the adjacent UTM Zones.
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RL Hegarty

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Bentley Systems Inc

FME World Tour 2017

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)