Joining the Dots | An Electra & FME Story

On the FME journey with Electra, this presentation will explore how a New Zealand electricity distribution company identified a need to derive greater value from the enormous amount of data available, develop a business case to meet that need, source, and implement a solution; FME. Historically, the Electra team was working with data stored in disparate systems. The burden on staff to bring that data together, analyze it and deliver meaningful insights was stressful, prone to human error, and incredibly time-consuming. In addition, only a fraction of the available data was being analyzed to inform decision-making. With the introduction of FME, Electra has been able to better understand and improve the customer experience by building solutions like the Phase Loss Sensor that plugs into all three phases of a power line. When the voltage drops below a certain threshold, it triggers a signal that travels via FME and onto the outage management system identifying the fault and the customer(s) impacted - all in less than 5 seconds!
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Mathew Cooper

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FME User Conference 2022