Inventoring Organizational ArcGIS Online Site Content Using FME

York region and partnering organizations under the York Information Partnership are aiming to take advantage of current advances in GIS technology, to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve communication and collaboration, through connecting systems and the sharing of, and access to relevant GIS datasets, application tools and Web Apps, thereby helping each other to grow. We have successfully used FME Desktop to resolve this problem by scraping content from the ArcGIS Online Organizational sites of York Region and her partnering organizations using ArcGIS Online REST API and FME transformers. This content retrieved is used to create an inventory for York Region and its partners with each determining what content to share within the Data Co-operative initiative.
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Brian McPhail

Co Presenter:
Julius Ngeh

Presenter Company:
York Region

FME World Tour 2019

Government (Local)