Good Data Save Lives

Our 911 dispatch software requires different data schema and attributes from what is stored in our enterprise geodatabase. Our previous method was to run more than 13 different model builder toolboxes to pull in data from numerous different datasets, re-format it and then validate the data to find errors before having it uploaded to FDM. Errors found by the FDM software upon loading would initiate correction of both the exported data and our enterprise geodatabases taking additional time. Using FME workbenches, I am able to pull in the data, re-format it to meet the schema requirements of FDM and export it out within a matter of minutes. The addition of pre-validation and post-validation workbenches to identify attribute and topology errors that were previously difficult to detect manually has further decreased the export time and improved overall data quality.
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Alexandra Rutherford

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City of St. Albert

FME World Fair 2021

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