Gitflow with FME and Autobuilding a Project with the Gitlab Build Pipeline

FME and git do not work so well together at the moment - but a git workflow is an attractive option when creating FME-based products. Indeed, in some IT companies using git during development is part of the company policy. It is not only using git and the attractive git workflow; Gitlab (and, of course, GitHub) is also a very attractive tool for developers: Gitlab is a server-based solution which provides an ecosystem to support the development process, and it can facilitate tracking issues, and bugs, managing versions, permissions and can even help with auto-building and deploying software. This presentation will cover the challenges and benefits involved when applying a git-based workflow to FME development and discuss how Gitlab can be used to help run a pipeline to auto-deploy an FME-based project.
Presentation Details

Matthew Smillie

Presenter Company:
virtualcitysystems GmbH

FME User Conference 2022