The Garden Dynamics Project : How FME Will Help Turn You into a Super-Gardener

We all know that FME is the ultimate tool for managing geodata, but this presentation will show you that FME is also as handy as a dibble when it comes to planting bulbs in your yard ! As a matter of fact, few of us have enough skills to select plants species that are well adapted to their garden location. First of all, one has to be aware of the local conditions (such as soil type, sunshine, pluviometry, slope, orientation, temperatures) that prevail in their garden, and this is where FME comes into play : who else could so easily transform lots of climate and geological data, digital terrain models, and other open data sources, into accurate usable information ? Secondly, who could compete with FME to gather plant species information from various databases around the world and consolidate it into a constantly updated reference plant database ? Finally, who would be as efficient as FME to convert a detailed planting plan into a suitable input for a plant growth simulation algorithm ? This presentation will detail various ways in which FME provides a key contribution to the back-office component of Garden Dynamics, our online garden-design assistant application.
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Frederic Eichelbrenner

Presenter Company:
The Garden Dynamics Project

FME International User Conference 2017

Natural Resources