FME's Role in a Map Production Revision Cycle and R&D Workflows

FME has rapidly become a very useful and productive tool for Mapping and Charting Establishment. In the map production environment, FME is being used in a revision workflow. Template workbenches have been developed to update existing cartographic data stored in ESRI geodatabases directly from centreline Oracle Spatial data that is collected using Intergraph tools. In the R&D environment, MCE Engineering section has developed a number of workbenches to automate the manipulation and extraction of various raster & vector formats for an area of interest to a format that can be used for the DND Maritime Helicopter Project (MHP). This presentation will review some of the more pertinent workflows and FME workbenches that are being used in both environments.
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Saverio Avella

Presenter Company:
Canadian Department of National Defense (Mapping and Charting Establishment)

FME World Tour 2012