FME World Tour 2022 Agile Enterprise Integration Powers Faster Data Driven Decisions

One challenge many organizations are faced with is the effective allocation of limited resources based on a varying workload to ensure that important workflows are being prioritized. So let’s talk about agile enterprise integration journeys and how FME Server 2022.0 can be set up with maximum flexibility to respond to an ever-changing job throughput in both a cost-effective and timely fashion. The primary focus of this talk will be to demonstrate how you can implement an agile solution to manage job load in FME Server. Whether jobs are being submitted through Automations, FME Server Apps, data streaming, or scheduled tasks processing resources can be delegated by using CPU-time based processing (Dynamic Engines) in combination with queues, engine and job assignment rules. Configuring these rules, FME can adapt in real-time removing processing inefficiencies to improve delivery to end-users.
Presentation Details

Don Murray

Co Presenter:
Holly Coxon

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME World Tour 2022