FME World Tour 2022 Accelerating Data Driven Decisions: The Flexibility of FME Deployments

Where is the best place to deploy FME? With FME you have many different options. The focus of this talk is to increase your understanding of each of these deployments so that you can decide which are best for your needs today and which are best for your needs in the future. There are several things you need to consider when deciding how to deploy the FME Platform—the location of your data, your data security requirements, scaling requirements, and whether you want a managed vs self-hosted deployment. From on-premises deployments to the cloud, to containers on-premises or in the cloud, we’ll show you how each of these considerations impacts which FME deployment is right for you.
Presentation Details

Jen Luther Thomas

Co Presenter:
Stewart Harper

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME World Tour 2022