FME - My Solution to Almost Every Data Challenge!

In this presentation I will go over the following data challenges I have tackled using FME: 1. Tackling the Challenges of Humanitarian GIS with FME Illustrate how FME has been used to help establish GIS at the core of Swiss Humanitarian Aid. The challenges faced in the field of humanitarian GIS are many and it is a very dynamic environment. With FME there seems to be almost always a way to get data ready fast and automate some key tasks. The constantly changing demands of my role at SHA mean FME (both Desktop + Server) is used for a myriad of things - usually in a rush. 2. Firefighting with FME FME in combination with ArcGIS Online (AGOL) was at the heart of a significant GIS breakthrough at Swiss Humanitarian Aid in 2019. An ESRI Web App used by the Bolivian authorities to coordinate their firefighting efforts during the much-publicized Amazon fires was kept up-to-date by FME processes. This was the first time we were able to provide GIS services as a form of humanitarian aid. 3. Crisis Management - Supporting the Foreign Ministry during the Covid-19 pandemic As an organisation with offices and staff in over 170 countries, Covid-19 significantly impacted the FDFA. The urgent needs of the Crisis Management Centre (State Secretariat) in spring 2020 meant GIS (and me) were called in to help. This presented an opportunity to revolutionise communication in ways which would have otherwise been unimaginable. The impact was significant and equated to a technical tsunami. An application was built in approximately two weeks and remained operational for 2 years. The oil in the machine was, of course, FME Server.
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Mary Brown

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Humanitarian Aid, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

FME User Conference 2022