How FME Platform Helps with Working with Geospatial Data? Use Cases from the AEC Industry

AEC companies are the second biggest FME users in Poland and Europe. Working with spatial data, the multitude of formats and sources, coordinate systems made it necessary to use the FME integration platform. This Platform is constantly gaining popularity in Poland and Europe, users of this find interesting opportunities to use it. During the session How FME Platform helps with working with geospatial data? FME users and experts will talk about: Reducing costs, manual effort, and delivery speed using FME Globema, Nicolae Soare Quality assurance of spatial data - control and completeness of supplied data with the use of FME software - Visimind, Marek Szczepkowski
Presentation Details

Marek Szczepkowski

Co Presenter:
Nicolae Soare

Presenter Company:

FME World Fair 2021

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)