How FME helped figure out the Where’s, Who’s, and What’s about Properties

Portland Metro area covers a big area (6,684sq miles to be exact) and that means that there is a lot of properties (both owned by the Port or vacant) that are dispersed across this area as well. With these properties come questions of "Where are these properties exactly?", "Who lives around these properties?", "What are at these properties?", "Who owns these properties?"...and so on. At the Port we implemented the use of FME to be able to wrangle up data from different data sources and various data types, perform analytical data calculations, and convert the data to different formats including PDFs, Excel reports and shapefiles - to be able to quickly understand the various questions about a specific property or area. Instead of taking days of research and hunting around for all the information needed about a property, within less than 10 minutes, FME can process all the information required, format it, and produce the end result needed for the subject matter experts to quickly have their answers about a property or an area!
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Alice Pence

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Port of Portland

FME World Tour 2019

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