FME: The Ultimate Missing Link and Workflow for BIM and GIS at Denver International Airport

2014: Year #1 with DEN (Denver International Airport)

Hey Emmy, we have over 17 million square feet of facilities modeled in BIM of the airport, and much more to model. The spaces and buildings change constantly and GIS doesn't have the most current, up-to-date data and they rely heavily on us to provide it to them from our BIM model, but haha, that's almost impossible and definitely time-consuming! And the best we can do is just provide exported CAD files for them. What do you think, Emmy? Any ideas on how to make the impossible possible? And efficient?

(with a terrified look) No problem, I'll make the impossible possible! (while thinking to myself "why did I just say that, Emmy?")

Great! Let us know what we can do to help or what resources we can provide. Good luck!


(Thinking to myself) Hey, what's this FME icon on my Desktop?


Boss, remember in 2014 when DEN asked me to develop and implement a process to export data and geometry from our BIM model to GIS for use in ESRI and other applications? Bam! Here ya go! I know 3 years later, but I stuck with it, learned FME, conquered FME (sort of), and made what everyone thought was impossible, possible, and beyond!

I'm no expert, but through so many headaches, trial & error and figuring things out on my own through FME Knowledgebase and FME staff, I've become pretty good (not expert) at this FME thing and it's pretty shnazzy! And I'd love to share the experiences and maybe some tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way :-)
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Emmy Thammasine

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Denver International Airport

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