Flood and Landslide Impact Components for the OGC 2021 Disaster Pilot using FME

The impact of natural disasters is only growing in a world increasingly impacted by climate change. Open standards are one of the keys to providing tools and data to meet this challenge. Safe Software was an active participant in the OGC's 2021 Disaster Pilot and provided several critical components to support data extraction, transformation, integration, and automation. This presentation will review the components that Safe provided using the FME platform, including examples across the data value chain from extracting source data through building analysis-ready data to driving indicators and publishing results to the cloud. In particular, we focused on flood scenarios in Manitoba and BC and landslides in BC. We will also review how the FME tools interacted with other components via OGC standards.
Presentation Details

Dean Hintz, Jenna Kim & Kailin Opaleychuk

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME User Conference 2022