Extracting Hierarchies with Recursive Tree Traversal Using FME

The Problem: You have been given a really large (~ 400MB) kmz file to convert to shapefile(s) to be loaded into ArcGIS. The kmz source has been aggregated with the google earth “My Places” tools. This kmz file has ~4000 folders and ~400 kml documents with a very deep document/folder hierarchy; over 7 levels deep in some places. The folder hierarchy contains important semantic information that needs to be saved as an attribute to be used for folder creation or feature classification. Many of the kml balloons contain raw html tables of name value pairs of important semantic information that need to be saved as attribute values inside of a feature classes. The end goal is to capture the geometry into GIS feature classes while retaining semantic information. The Solution: Use FME with the kmz reader and SQL Recursive functions to build the tree hierarchy. Use FME custom transformer to extract name/value pairs from html tables. Use FME data set and feature type fanout to create dynamic tables and attributes. This presentation will demonstrate this solution and show how to set up a SQL WITH RECUSIVE query with fme as well as how to capture attributes from the kml balloons.
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Reed Whittington

Presenter Company:
Burns & McDonnell

FME World Tour 2018