Empowering spatial insights with FME in Snowflake

In this session, Ivo and Thom (bothdata specialists at Tensing) and Arjan Hijstek (Senior System Engineer at Snowflake) tell you how we use FME to optimize spatial processes of Snowflake and their clients. Snowflake offers a cloud-native data platform for data storage and analytics service. It allows corporate users like Pepsico and Allianz to leverage the power of the cloud, by storing data at a central place and use almost unlimited compute for data engineering and analytics. This creates new insights enabling them to quickly adapt to their customer needs. During this session, we'll introduce you to Snowflake and add spatial capabilities to it by using FME, empowering spatial insights in Snowflake.
Presentation Details

Thom Leeffers

Co Presenter:
Ivo de Liefde, Arjan Hijstek

Presenter Company:

FME World Fair 2021