Dynamically Publishing Pipeline Geo-spatial Data to a Cloud-based Web-map Portal

TRC provides their clients with a cloud-based pipeline geo-spatial web map portal called Integra Link™. Integra Link™ is designed to provide easy, fact access to geo-spatial pipeline information for end-users within a Pipeline Company. The location and condition every foot of pipelines plus the geographic proximity of threats to those assets must be available, in almost real-time, to those responsible for maintaining the integrity of the pipeline systems. The system is designed to be simple, intuitive, fast and searchable similar to a Google Maps environment. In a typical deployment, the pipeline GIS production data is managed on premise using standard GIS software such as ESRI in an enterprise geodatabase. As data are produced from as-built operations, field data collection, or are verified and updated through source document review and then approved into production a fast mechanism for tracking changes and publishing these changes to Integra Link™ is required. FME was used to collate, re-combine, integrate data from premise to the cloud to be served by Integra Link™. The process is triggered as the data are posted to the DEFAULT version of the enterprise geodatabases designed to store them. This presentation shows the workbenches and technology required to keep Integra Link™ populated in order to keep the pipelines operating safely.
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Peter Veenstra

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FME International User Conference 2017