Don’t Bug Out! The Ins and Outs of Debugging FME Workflows (UC Version)

Have you ever developed a workflow, but reached a roadblock of an unexpected result or error message you weren’t sure how to resolve? You aren’t alone. If you’ve ever stumbled through the troubleshooting process, this webinar is for you. Our specialists will walk you through the most common testing & debugging problems our users face during this hour-long session. Next, they'll show you precisely what steps to take to help you successfully complete a workflow faster than ever. We’ll cover common problems and solutions with debugging workspaces and testing and debugging within FME Server. You’ll leave this talk with the tools to identify what’s gone wrong when you receive an error message (and hopefully, prevent the next one altogether!), allowing you to efficiently troubleshoot so you can spend more time on the things that matter - like data analysis.
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Laura Wu & Mark Stoakes

Presenter Company:
Safe Software