Distributed Domain Management and Building a Program on Data Collaboration

Members of the YorkInfo Partnership have taken a collaborative approach to construction planning. Through the sharing of self-managed data and templated tools these partners have built a pipeline into one anothers data to help project managers coordinate construction projects. While the primary goal of All Construction was to create a "near-live' view into each organization's data, what has also come out of this is an idea which could change the way the YorkInfo Partnership collaborates with data. Instead of having a single organization manage the data that is being shared, have each organization managed their own. Through distributed domain management it is the responsibility of each organization to ensure their data maps to the requirements of the program. This presentation will delve into the creation of the All Construction pilot/program, its deliverables and results but also explore the way in which distributed domain management is being harnessed.
Presentation Details

Brian McPhail

Co Presenter:
Cory Fagan

Presenter Company:
York Region

FME World Fair 2021

Government (Local)