Deployment on FME Server through DTAP street

Evolving from FME Desktop-based processes to FME Server integrations is often a growing pain. Organizations sometimes struggle with the promotion management of FME workflows through the DTAP street. During the presentation, we will explain some solutions to avoid having hard-coded server names, passwords or API endpoints in the Workspace itself. We will focus on: developing the process in FME Desktop, the configuration of the different environments of FME Server, the usage of Web and Database Connections, the use of Projects and validation of these Projects and the Workspaces. The goal is that nothing needs to change in the Workspace and that even a Deployment Manager knowing very little about FME can release an FME Server process into production. The ultimate goal would be to fully automate the deployment using the FME Server API.
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Jelle De Zwaef

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FME User Conference 2022