Department of Conservation Automate Their Google Analytics Data With the Help of Snowflake and FME

This presentation is a practical exploration of work undertaken by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) to develop the Modern Data Platform (MDP) implemented as a Snowflake-based cloud data warehouse to improve business intelligence and report by delivering a single source of truth, as well as automating data dispatches received from a multitude of sources. One of the data sources to be integrated with the MDP was Google Analytics. DOC engaged Locus to assist with building an automated FME process that uses the Google Analytics API to deliver and maintain reporting data in Snowflake. Before the introduction of the MDP, access to Google Analytics data and reports were managed through Microsoft PowerBI, which required users to manually connect to, download, and process data. To streamline this process and allow staff easier access to more up to date information, an FME powered solution enabled the seamless integration of Google Analytics and Snowflake. The solution consists of an FME Server Enterprise Automation that executes on a schedule, and an FME workspace run by the automation.
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Pip Norris

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Darren Fergus

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FME User Conference 2022

Government (Local)