Converting a Snowplow’s Unconventional CSV into Timecards & Winter Operations Performance Metrics

Learn how Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) leveraged FME and FME Server to improve the processing of text-based log files from their snowplow fleet and turned them into timecards, integrated with their asset management system (Agile Assets) and automated winter operations metrics. This solution includes flattening out an unconventional CSV file, locating plows along a linear referencing system (LRS), generating a JSON Message and sending it to another system, polling live XML-based roadway sensors information service and finally automating a complex Excel-based algorithm and putting that data on a map. I will also cover some lessons learned along the way. This project had plenty of twists and turns along the way and I cant wait to share them with you.
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Mark McCart

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Esri (Idaho Transporation Department)

FME World Fair 2021