Contribute to Study Marine Mammals and Help Preserve them, with FME

Improving our knowledge on marine mammals' behaviour is key to contributing to their preservation. Several NGO work on this subject in the Pelagos sanctuary, located in the northern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Crews of eco volunteers spend a long time at sea every year to contribute to inventory cetacean populations, but their task is difficult as the study area is quite large (87,500 sq. kilometres). In this presentation, we'll first talk about the key factors that influence the probability of observing whales (more precisely sperm and fin whales). Then we'll present some Copernicus datasets that are useful to estimate those key factors (mostly plankton and waves indicators derived from satellite data). Finally, we'll show how FME Cloud is super efficient (both technically and financially) to process those datasets, merge them with static data (such as bathymetry) and regularly provide scientists with easily transferable maps that help estimate observation opportunities.
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Fredéric Eichelbrenner

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FME User Conference 2022