Concepts in Governing and Implementing FME Server as an Enterprise Solution

FME technology often grows organically in an organization, one data process at a time. It often starts in the GIS department with a few desktop licenses. Over time, FME Server gets added to leverage greater automation capacity. Governance and implementation practices provide methodologies for leveraging FME tuned to an organizations business and technical needs. In collaboration with Safe Software we will present important questions and considerations in the management of FME Server. We will give an overview of: Strategies for technical implementation of FME server Ideas for best practices of using FME across an organization Tools available that can help in managing your FME technology Reflections on the conversations about Enterprise FME management we have had with Safe Software over the past couple of years.
Presentation Details

Lesley MacKenzie

Co Presenter:
François Laganière, Brian Pont, Holly Coxon

Presenter Company:

FME World Fair 2021