Automating Geospatial Health Systems Status

Happy Systems = Happy Admins = Happy Customers! Come and see how you can increase your geospatial enterprise maturity by implementing an Automated Geospatial Health System built on FME. This solution shares the status of your systems, services, and processes with your customers and IT staff. It goes beyond most traditional monitoring systems and looks at the proper health of your geospatial systems, services, and processes. Suppose a system, service, or process fails to validate using defined rules (ex. record counts, date last updated/process ran, or invalid data). In that case, it will automatically notify system administrators and provide them error messages and suggested steps to resolve the issue. Rules are also used to update the feeds and status dashboards that end customers use to check if a service is working BEFORE they contact your GIS or IT team. The solution can also send notifications for planned outages such as maintenance or upgrades to users on AGOL, ArcGIS Portal, and FME Server through account emails and banner messages. Since this is based in FME, this solution also provides various integration points with existing IT monitoring systems and complements Esri's ArcGIS Monitor solution.
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David Runneals

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FME User Conference 2022