Automating Engineering Drawings and Underground Clash Detection for Crossrail 2

Arup was commissioned by TfL in 2017 to design an ambitious new underground railway in London, Crossrail 2. Londons population is growing rapidly. It is already 8.6 million, its largest ever. And by 2030, London will be home to 10 million people, the equivalent of adding on a city the size of Birmingham. An increasing population will require more housing, more jobs and greater transport capacity. London and the South East already have a chronic housing shortage and the public transport network is already overcrowded. The predicted increase in population corresponds to an additional five million journeys on public transport each day. Crossrail 2 would support 200,000 jobs, spur the development of 200,000 new homes across the region and increase Londons rail capacity by 10 percent. Learn how Arup utilised the power of FME to automate 100 sheets of plan and profile drawings of the proposed 30km tunnel, reducing a process that takes weeks to minutes.
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Owen Powell

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FME World Fair 2021

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)