Automatic Map Production 1:25,000 Scale. Simbology and Raster Creation for Web and Download Services

The demand for geoinformation is constantly growing, forcing data publishers to strike a balance between the art of map-making and the need to keep data and services up to date. The Geographic Institute of Spain(IGN) as a public institution is entrusted, amongst others, with creating, maintaining, and updating the State’s basic cartography at a 1:25,000 scale. At this scale, Spain is divided into 4.096 sheets, with an update frequency of less than a year. FME was used to create an automated workflow that starts importing data from a PostGIS database and through the most diverse decision-making methods ends up with a cartographic output symbolized in MAPublisher, obtaining GeoPDF files for each sheet, which are then made available for public download. Recently a new feature was added to this workflow: the publication of these sheets in COG (Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF) format, which allows for a great saving of disk space on the servers due to its high compression rate. This workflow is also being applied for the generation of topographic maps at a scale of 1:50,000.
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Santiago Prieto del Caño

Presenter Company:
Instituto Geográfico Nacional

FME User Conference 2022

Government (Local)