Automated Data Harmonization and Cleansing

How does data harmonisation assist in providing high quality customer service? How can FME assist in managing non-spatial records in land information databases? What opportunities exist in FME to manage the automation of data cleansing and processing? This presentation will introduce a unique Urban Council (Inner West Council) and highlight one of the GIS/LIS challenges we have faced and tackled with the use of FME. As an amalgamation of three previous LGA councils (Ashfield, Marrickville and Leichhardt) IWC has been presented with numerous legacy spatial and non-spatial data challenges. Extensive use of FME has provided solutions to the challenges we have encountered, especially in the areas of cleansing and automation of LIS data. Some of the aspects handled through FME include SAAS data endpoints, template creation for data imports and data-set self-validation.
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Michael Breen

Presenter Company:
Inner West Council

FME World Tour 2022