Automate Data: CAD Transformation from SharePoint to AGOL

The client has many Civil3D CADD design files and they would like to use these datasets to show on an online mapping platform. GHD hosts an ArcGIS Online platform for their client and publishes the spatial datasets there. From time to time, new CADD design files come in, and the data has to be appropriately manipulated to display on the mapping application. The Civil3D CADD files are not spatially referenced and require spatial adjustment and geo-referencing. Also, the data should be transformed into GIS datasets and normalized for the mapping application. We created an FME automation that takes the files from the SharePoint site, spatially adjusts them automatically, normalizes the data, converts them to GIS files, and publishes them directly in the ArcGIS Online platform.
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Caner Akin

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FME User Conference 2022