Application Integration - A Key Component of your Digital Transformation

Asset and operations management software collect all sorts of data and information about your vehicles, equipment, facilities, and infrastructure - location, original purchase cost, current condition, and more! Coupled with preventative and emergency maintenance and predictive planning of your capital budget, the accumulated data is invaluable to your organization for analysis and reporting, as well as to let requestors know the current status of work-in-progress. But, this amazing software also requires a lot of care and feeding of curated data from your financial system, your customer service applications, sensor and SCADA networks, and your space management and GIS tools. How can you ensure that all systems are up-to-date with the latest data? And that all users have the data they need at their fingertips? YOUR challenge now is that users’ expectations of their digital experiences at work are based on their experiences as consumers. You are using systems, like asset and operations management software, to simplify your line-of-business applications. Digital transformation of your business also implies the connection of data in various systems into cross-departmental workflows. You want to transform inefficiency into innovation and empower your teams to make decisions based on up-to-date information. BUT, your challenge to implement is that your users’ requirements are often vague – and loaded with high expectations. Your use cases are unclear – is there a clear business benefit to connect to other systems? The lack of clarity leads to RISK, which is characterized by higher costs and uncertainty in delivery for your system implementation or upgrades. Enter Application Integration… This talk will outline what Application Integration is, the various models for integrating your applications. We will introduce Integration Patterns that are more accessible now - even to smaller operators. And we will propose a process for integration and your realized outcome.
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Todd Lewis

Presenter Company:
Spatial DNA Informatics Inc.

FME User Conference 2022

Government (Local)