7 Days: Live Vessel Tracking from Enquiry to Production with FME Cloud

The phone rings first thing on Monday morning, “Hi, we need to build a system that shows the live positions of a fleet of vessels and keep them updated every 2 minutes. The number of vessels in the fleet is subject to change and we need to show the positions in a web map. Can we also archive all the positional data till December? Then we just want to switch off the service. By the way, we can’t host any software or infrastructure and we don’t have any developers available who can help us just now. Oh, did I say… the system needs to be live on Friday as some of the boats are already under steam heading to the project site.” This session highlights how FME Desktop coupled with FME Cloud can give you the ability to react to demands with a short lead time, allows you to be lean with resources and agile with your solution.
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David Eagle

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FME International User Conference 2017