Determine If You Qualify

This certification is open to the general public but is designed with consultants and integrators in mind. To qualify, it is recommended, but not required, that you have at least two years of FME experience.


Complete Required Study Material

Complete the required study material on the Becoming an FME Certified Professional and FME Flow Certified Professional Trailmix.
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Pay for and Schedule The Exam

To become certified you must complete an online exam while observed by a proctor. The certification application fee is $150 USD per exam attempt, payable to the proctoring service Examity when you schedule the exam. You will need to create an Examity account to schedule the exam. If you wish to schedule the exam within 24 hours, an additional $5 USD fee will apply


Take The Exam

Take the FME Certification Exam using the link in the Trailmix. To pass the exam, you will need to achieve at least 70%. It is worth noting that some questions will be worth more than others. This exam has a 3 hour time limit.


You will receive the results of your exam via email shortly after completing it. Issuing of the certification afterwards can take up to 2 weeks.

FME Professional Certifications are valid for 3 years.

If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to fmecertifications@safe.com.