Software License Agreement - FAQ

Are there any restrictions on installing FME on virtual or cloud-based machines?

No restrictions

Can I share a fixed license amongst several users?

A fixed license is intended for use by a single user only. If you want to share one license with several users, then you should purchase a floating license with one or more concurrencies.

Can I let my outside consultants use my FME license to do work on my behalf?


I don’t own an FME license but my outside consultant has an FME license. Can they use their license to do work on my behalf?

No, consultants may not use their own licenses to do paid work for third parties. A consultant may purchase a license on your behalf and we will register the license in your name. If you choose, you can designate your consultant to manage your annual maintenance renewals. The consultant can then use your license to provide consulting services to you.

Can I transfer or assign my license to another party?

You must contact Safe to request a transfer of your license. If we agree to the transfer, then we will ask you to complete an Assignment form.

Can I use my FME Form license to provide SaaS or other web-based services to third parties?


Can I use my FME Flow license to provide SaaS or other web-based services to third parties?

Yes, as long as you include some value-added functionality as part of your web-based service. FME Flow functionality cannot be offered to parties in a stand-alone configuration. We often hear of “clip-zip-ship” services and these are permitted. You may not give third parties direct access to FME Flow administration tools as part of your web-based service.

Does FME software include components licensed under open source licenses?

Yes, you can see a list of open source components at

Can I use my Home Use license to do work for my employer or for a non-profit agency?

No, a Home Use license is intended for non-commercial, personal use only. Non-profit use might be non-commercial, but it is not considered to be personal use. If you want to use FME for non-profit use, then you should apply for a Non-Profit Grant license.

I recently graduated from university and I have a Recent Graduate license. Can I let other people at my work use my FME license when I am not using it?

No, a Recent Graduate license is intended for use by the single, named user who qualified for the license. This is your strategic advantage when you are getting hired by new companies. You can use the license for work on behalf of your employer, but you should be the only person using the license.