FME Certification Program Terms and Conditions

By applying for FME Certification, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have reviewed the certification page on prior to applying for an FME certification.
  2. All personal and other information you supply to Safe Software Inc. (“Safe”) for the purpose of FME Certification is complete and accurate.
  3. Safe will endeavor to keep all exam questions current, but makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of exam questions.
  4. All exam questions are confidential and may not be copied, shared, or otherwise distributed to third parties. However, Safe may make sample exam questions available from time to time and these sample questions are not considered confidential.
  5. If the certification process requires you to submit sample projects, training demonstrations, or other written or visual materials (collectively, your “Materials”), then all intellectual property rights in your Materials will remain with you and your licensors. You warrant that your Materials are your original work and any third party contributions are expressly acknowledged and properly licensed. Your Materials are not considered confidential information unless a separate Confidentiality Agreement is signed by the parties.
  6. Safe will review your application in a timely fashion. Safe assumes no responsibility for lost applications or failure of any electronic communications.
  7. Safe may accept or reject any application to the FME Certification Program in its sole discretion. Further, once awarded, FME Certification may be revoked in Safe's sole discretion.